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Plotbunnies' Paradise

I'll write my own future ... and everyone else's too

28 February 1980
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Welcome to the journal of a transplanted Southern woman who happens to be co-creator of a webcomic, editor for a tech blog, work for a newspaper and still save the world before deadline. Well ... maybe. If the cats allow her to get out of the chair. She also happens to be a bibliophile, interested in the fiber and felt arts (especially knitting and amigurumi) and is married to a Scouser, which is the source of endless amusement. She enjoys chocolate, ice cream, coffee, tea, fruit and other things that can do harm to her waistline. She also has a love for Lina/Gourry from Slayers and Doctor/River from Doctor Who, so pat her head and indulge her every once in awhile.

If you're looking for something to read, check out Namesake. Co-created with secondlina, it's a fantasy-filled adventure steeped in fairy tales, mythology and literature.

Profile is from thefulcrum