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Posts I had to write but wish I didn't have to

So I had to write a Valor update today because we got complaints that the anthology is LBGTQ-friendly. There's been a lot going through my head about this and the feedback we've gotten to it - some very respectful and others being really hurt that we had to address it. I'll let my tweets speak for me ... or I was until Twitter decided that it didn't want me embedding my tweets. *kicks it*

*goes in search of hot cocoa*

Meanwhile, I wrote my first Miss Fisher fic. It's a crossover with Doctor Who, but the setup is perfect:

Title: a thousand miles away from home just waiting for a train | AO3
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005) and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Characters: Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson, River Song
Wordcount: 2280
Rating: General audiences
Warnings: no standard warnings apply but it does take place after the final episode of series 3 for "Miss Fisher," so spoilers abound. For River, these events take place after “The Angels Take Manhattan.”
Summary: “I’m here, Detective Inspector, to pay back a debt to you and Miss Fisher. Though I suppose really you were paying off a debt to me, but those are semantics for you. My husband would be ever so cross if he knew that I was doing this, but this is what’s meant to be.”
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Trips down memory lane

To help out one of my oldest friends with a project, I sat down and began reading through my LiveJournal. While some of the entries from 12 years ago make me wince, a couple made me a bit wistful. I detailed my first meeting with one of the greats of the Selma, Ala. community, Jean T. Martin, and I had forgotten how much I adored her. She had a knack of extracting details about yourself you never quite intended to reveal. She was the quintessential Southern woman - genteel with a backbone of pure titanium. I did a Google search and found that she had passed away in March 2013. I regret I had lost touch with her. I miss you, Miss Jean. I hope they had Scottish bagpipes for you at your service, just the way you wanted.

Right. Must keep going.

Oh, look, here's where I attempted to swear off online relationships. Hahahahahahahaha. Take a shot for every time I vowed that. Finish the bottle seven years later when I marry the husband I met through the Internet. Also, take a shot when I rant against Valentine's Day. You might need more booze at this point. I'd forgotten the Valentine's Day when a secret admirer got me a bouquet. And not the flattering admirer either!

And here's the moment when I decided to get the hell out of Alabama. No regrets. None.

My posts are filled with random Japanese. Oh, 23-year-old Meg ...

Here's when I was offered the chance to adopt my youngest cat, Kirara. I wish I had better documented when I got Peekaboo and Lil'Bit. Speaking of them, here's the best part: a letter from a reader when I worked for the Bristol Herald Courier. I had a weekly column and wrote about Lil'Bit stealing straws from a cup. The next day, I got the following email:
Hi, I just want to comment on your column last week (Jan 8, 2004). You must be part of the “new look” for the Bristol paper, I don’t recall you being featured, not sure why I happened to read this particular one, but wish I had not. I am sick to my stomach, thinking about someone living in a house with filthy, nasty cats. How can anyone stoop so low? They have a terrible odor about them, the odor gets on your clothes, not to mention the hair they shed all over your furniture and gets into your food. No doubt, you can’t understand why people don’t want to come visit or don’t want to participate in “covered dish” affairs with the likes of you. Do you not realize that people have allergic reactions to cats and do you not realize that you carry the hair and etc off the cats on your clothing? Oh, I know, you are like all the other “cat people”, you don’t care. I have a stupid neighbor that has a bunch of cats, they dig in my flower beds, walk on my car, kill the pretty birds and squirrels, but do you think the owners care? The animal control people won’t do anything about cats, so what are you supposed to do??

You must be educated, to hold a job as a writer for the paper, get real, clean up, get rid of those filthy cats. Your co-workers won’t tell you, they are trying to be nice. Have some concern for your fellow human beings, don’t subject them to the “odor” and “cat hair”. Cats and dogs were not created to live in the house with “normal” human beings. If you have a husband and kids, my heart goes out to them.

And I think that's a sign I've wandered down memory lane enough for now.

But, one more thing. I went into my trunk looking for photos and came across the bunny I was given when I was born. My cute little bunny. Squee!

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Take the long route back to where I began

I originally began blogging regularly on LiveJournal in 2002. It began with a few dribbles and drabbles and some waxing about a now-ex boyfriend that makes me cringe to this day, then eventually grew into something more. Sometimes, I was really consisted about it. Other times, I wasn't. There was one three-month period in 2005 where I pretended to make an "grown up blog" (aka non-fandom one) and detailed the first part of my life in Maine. That was quickly abandoned.

My LiveJournal is a time capsule of my 20s and first couple years of my 30s. It spanned two failed relationships, hilarious attempts at online dating, extreme fandom squee, lots of fanfic, just as much meta as there was fanfic, five major moves, a long-distance marriage, the beginning of Namesake, and coming to grips with infertility. But as time passed, and various fandoms moved elsewhere, so did I. I still read it every day, even if I don't comment. But I went from posting nearly every day to just 21 times in 2013. Out of those 21 entries, 14 were personal posts or reflecting on Doctor Who. At least two of them are apologizing for not updating more often. The other seven are fanfics.

Like Neil Gaiman, I stopped blogging, but I hadn't gone silent. I'm very active on Tumblr and just as engaging on Twitter. I interact with the necessary evil that is Facebook and try to remember the wallflower that is Google+. I secured a Medium account, had a very brief fling with it, then was so afraid of being judged that I haven't found a reason to write anymore. My thoughts are scattered among Tumblr text posts, jotted down in 140 character bites, reblogged in epic fangirl squee, and disguised as alt-text in Namesake pages. Gather all those together and you have the snapshot of my life in 2013.

It was a good year. I drove to Toronto, Connecticut, Tennessee, and Montreal. Mike and I flew to Phoenix to surprise one of my best friends for her birthday, then drove to Tucson. I started a new position at PennLive and published the second book of Namesake. I penned my first solor comic script (lovingly drawn by Isa, of course.) I designed three more books beyond that. I drove into Manhattan for the first time and kept driving back. I got to visit the premature infant daughters of another good friend a couple weeks before they passed away, something that will continue to touch my heart. I wrote and wrote and wrote -- both original work and fanfic. I got back into embroidery and tried other crafts. I gained my first crown and lost a mole through surgery. I accepted the fact I might never have children of my own, and that's OK, because I have my books. Plus, there's adoption.

I gave up resolutions a long time ago, but I don't want to bypass blogging any longer. So, like with exercise, I'm going to ease back into it. It's a good way to let people know what I'm up to with my work, and it helps me to keep my thoughts focused.

And, yes, I'll make sure entries get copied back over to LiveJournal.

First thing's first: Isa and I have set our first con dates for the year. We'll be at MoCCA Fest in New York City on April 5-6 and TCAF in Toronto on May 10-11. We've applied for Dragon*Con but have not heard back on that. There's a few more cons we're interested in, but registration has not open yet.

I am working on the script to "The Run," a comic that is debuting at TCAF. We're looking at roughly 28 pages right now, and the script has been painfully slow. I need to knuckle down and finish it within the week. Here's what's up on the immediate writing list:

  • Finishing "The Run." It's about a quarter written.

  • Finishing the chapter 17 script for Namesake

  • Finishing the Chiseri/Adora side story, which is about 1/3rd done

  • Editing/lettering "Knotted," a 12-page mini comic Isa is doing for the con season. She did the initial text, and I'm doing the dialogue editing and lettering.

  • Lettering "Monster," the solo comic I mentioned early that was originally slated for an anthology. I'm not sure if the anthology is still happening. If it's not, we're also going to release this for the con season.

And, yes, I'm still penning fanfic. I'll never move away from it. It's a good writing exercise overall, and it helps spark my muse in other areas. Current items on my plate there include:

  • A rewrite of "The Time of the Doctor" with Ponds instead of Clara. This is about half written and most likely the first to be posted.

  • A rewrite/overhaul of "Take the Long Way Home." I'm not sure if I'm going to pull down the first version entirely or just overwrite what's there. I don't want to lose the reviews. I'm two chapters and an epilogue away from finishing it.

  • A "what if?" fic set during "The Stolen Earth," exploring if Ten regenerated into Eleven instead of having "vanity issues." It's been interesting to see the ramifications, and I feel like all the characters that got the shaft: Rose, Donna, Harriet Jones, etc., have much better endings. At least endings where they maintain their own agency, which is a good thing.

  • Assorted one shots. One shots are my meta vehicle.

I have procrastinated from sleep long enough. Until the next time!
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Emerging from limbo (book and otherwise)

Wow. So, the last draft I started popped in from June. My poor neglected LiveJournal. *pets* I'm going to copy over my blog entries from my official site (two so far), so this page won't be quite so lonely.

We're finally almost out of book limbo. Because of various delays and other fun stuff, it's been more than four months since I bid farewell to the Namesake files and left them in the hands of the printer. Soon enough, they're going to land on my doorstep, and from there, they'll head to a new home.

Namesake has grown big enough to the point where we most likely won't have one or two but possibly five meet-ups for people to pick up their books. There's actually quite a few in the Harrisburg area, which surprised and pleased me. There's interest in a Baltimore-area meet-up, and someone has sent in their wish to know about a New York one. It's my hope something can be arranged in Montreal and Toronto, since I will be visiting Canada (including a trip to see secondlina) in a couple of weeks.

It has been a busy couple of months. I worked. I wrote a lot. A lot of my writing in September centered around the release of the iPhone 5s and 5c, along with iOS 7.

Isa and I completed book 3 of Namesake online. The first proper page of book 4 went online last Thursday, and that was a thrill. We had a long online pow-wow a few weeks ago and sketched out where we wanted to go in book 4, then broke it down by chapter. I delivered the first draft of Chapter 16 script to Isa on Thursday, and she began to sketch out pages. I also need to finish lettering the latest Intermission.

It's going to be a busy October. ickaimp is arriving this weekend to help with the Namesake books when they arrive -- estimated to be next week. Fingers crossed! Then, I'm taking the above-mentioned Canada trip. First stop is to Trenton to see gidget_zb. Then we are going to invade a movie theater and see the Kenneth Branagh/Alex Kingston version of Macbeth.

Photo credit: NT Live / Manchester International Festival

To say I'm excited about this is a gross understatement. I became a big fan of Alex Kingston's work thanks to Doctor Who, and friends introduced me to her previous work -- I have an immense love now for Moll Flanders and Upstairs, Downstairs. Kenneth Branagh as Macbeth just speaks for itself.

The plans to see the NT Live version of the performance were well underway when the announcement came that the same performance would be staged in New York City in June 2014. Yes, I plan to be there. I joined the membership of the Park Avenue Armory to be able to signup for the pre-sales, but the venue itself is just fascinating. I'm glad to see my money go to a wonderful institution like this. The last time I was in New York City, I dropped by the venue to check it out. It is a gorgeous building in a lovely part of Manhattan, well off Broadway. It's not far from the Central Park Zoo.

After the visit with Charina, I'm heading to Montreal to visit with Isa for a few days. We just completed a mini comic for a soon-to-be announced Kickstarter project, and we've submitted our application for the 2014 TCAF. We are going to produce another mini comic for it, and we plan to get most of the legwork for that done during my visit. We're hoping to get all the Canadian Kickstarter books in the mail as well. Then, I'll head home to complete the Kickstarter here.

For now, it's past time I got some sleep. I have an office to clean in the morning!
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I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach

Word Count: 8,348
Rating: T
Pairing/Characters: Doctor/River, Amy/Rory, Vastra/Jenny, Strax

Notes: Since “The Name of the Doctor” aired, I’d been wondering if originally Amy, Rory, and a younger River were meant to go there, that Steven Moffat had to change his plans once Amy and Rory were written out of the series. I wondered how it would work, and the wonderful kehwie suggested I write an alterate realty exploring what would have happened, in the vein of similar episode rewrites I’d done for series 7a. I originally didn’t plan on it, but the opening scene came to me and it didn’t stop. Thanks for the inspiration, Kehwie! Note that if you haven’t seen “The Name of the Doctor,” you will be spoiled silly.

Summary: “The doors require a key. The key is a word. The word is the Doctor’s. But not just his. The key is a word lost in time. A secret hidden in the deepest shadow and known to him alone, but there is another who shares that secret. And she’s standing before me.”

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach
Doctor/River: Hello

Fic and brief thoughts on the Doctor Who finale

Word Count: 2,296
Rating: M
Pairing/Characters: Doctor/River, Clara

Notes: This fic takes place after “The Name of the Doctor,” so heavy spoilers if you haven’t watched the episode. But if you have seen it, then this fic is a dose of medicine for you.

Summary: When it was all said and done, he went to the other place he vowed to never go.

Sometimes goodbye is a second chance

And as for the finale itself, I have a lot of feelings on it, but I want to muse about River below the cut.

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Melody Pond and the Man Who Fell From the Sky (1/1)

Word Count: 10,529
Rating: T
Pairing/Characters: Doctor/Melody Pond, Amy/Rory, Donna Noble, Martha Jones
Notes: This story explores the concept of what happened if Oswin accidentally erased a little too much in her efforts to wipe the Doctor from the record books in "Asylum of the Daleks." This is the first in a series.

Summary: At the age of 4, Melody Pond's parents disappeared. She spent the next 20 years looking for answers until she was saved from a statue in Central Park by a strange man. There was something between them, a history, a life, an eternity. He had fallen out of the sky and into her heart, and something bound them far more than knowing Amelia Pond and Rory Williams.

Melody Pond and the Man Who Fell From the Sky


Ugh, I have been lax about posting anything lately. OK, I promise something substantial soon, but until then here's fic.